We Believe Good Food
Gives you a
Big Smile!

Enjoy an Exceptional Journey of Taste

The word Frango means chicken in Portuguese.

Our chicken is not just chicken but an experience on its own.

From deliciously fiery, delicately seasoned to  lusciously piquant, our sauces will delight your senses.


About Us


Frango offers a very different eating experience in Kampala, for both children and adults. In a unique setting with an elegant and modern twist using comfortable booths, egg armchairs, fine décor and ambience music to energize you and make you feel like you are being transported!

A very special menu with chicken dishes in original, international styles and something for everyone with salads, pizzas and a rich dessert menu. Vegetarian options are also available for our guests.

Only the finest quality products and goods are used to create your meals.

Our secret sauces are made daily, taking time to fuse Portuguese flavours with local fresh ingredients. You will never be the same after eating Frango chicken, marinated in any of these sauces and grilled slowly on an open flame. Enjoy this with our House Spicy Mejadra Rice or our special Chips, or with both!

We focus on a warm, friendly approach service and make sure your children are entertained with in house tablets with games to play so you can relax or catch up with a friend or loved one!

You may then indulge your sweet tooth with a Chocolate Brownie served with a scoop of Cafesserie’s renown Ice Cream.

From the Grill

All the dishes served with a side of chips and a salad

Frango Kids

Mini chicken burger


MAC & Cheese


Chicken nuggets


Mini super chic salad & Nuggets